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Vital Signs | Sign Language Interpreting & Captioning Services | Video Remote Interpreting | Onsite ASL Interpreting | Captioning & Transcribing | Reader Services
Vital Signs | Sign Language Interpreting & Captioning Services | Video Remote Interpreting | Onsite ASL Interpreting | Captioning & Transcribing | Reader Services


Making communication accessible in every way possible.


A professional relationship established between a Blind or Low Vision employee, or student, and a qualified Reader.


A Reader is a sighted person who reads aloud directly to the Blind or Low Vision individual.

Reader services are one of the many services made available for Blind or Low Vision employees under the Americans with Disabilities Act. ADA defines a “qualified” Reader as someone who is able to read effectively, accurately, and impartially, using any necessary specialized vocabulary.


Vital Signs provides Reader Services for the Blind or Low Vision


Our Readers are available virtually and on-site. They support our clients in a number of ways, including the reading of technical papers, emails, manuals, workshop handouts, contracts, and other professional documents.


All of our Readers have had previous experience and training. Readers are trained to verbally describe graphs, maps, charts, pictures, and diagrams where applicable. They are proficient in various computer applications and are able to assist as needed. Our Readers have been placed in legal offices, Government and business workplaces, as well as with students in educational settings.  


Our Readers are individuals who can read competently, follow detailed instructions, are responsible and punctual. They are flexible and able to adapt to various types of materials to be read.


Please contact us for more information. 


Reader Services can help enhance productivity for your entire team. Our qualified Readers will work in conjunction with the Blind or Low Vision individuals reading and scribing any materials necessary. The Reader provides the support a Blind or Low Vision employee needs to be fully successful in their professional field. A Reader works for a Blind or Low Vision individual who uses their service to gain access to information in print.

Reader Services ensures that information is communicated, received, and conveyed.

An in-person Reader will be present as opposed to a speech synthesizer. They will read information per the direction of the Blind or Low Vision employee.


The Blind or Low Vision individual can instruct the Reader on how they want the material to be read, what sections, and at what pace. A Reader is not expected to fill out paperwork for you, however, it can be determined on a case-by-case basis.


Vital Signs Reader service is:

  • Reliable and convenient

  • Cost-effective

  • ADA compliant

  • Accessible onsite or remotely

  • Compatible with your existing video conferencing software


Our Reader Services are used by individuals who do not have the vision to read text on a screen or need immediate access to written or pictorial material. Virtually or in-person and on-site, Reader Services are accessible anywhere, any time.


There are many accessible formats for written and printed material, such as Braille and audio. However, it is impossible for all material to be immediately available in a format that is easily accessed by the Blind consumer. Thus, Readers are necessary for conveying to the blind employee handwritten and printed material. Readers also describe information conveyed through graphs, pictures, diagrams, and charts that are often difficult to analyze in Braille or magnified formats.  


Vital Signs’ qualified Readers are the right fit for:

  • All private industries and government agencies

  • Medical appointments and hospitals

  • Educational settings - especially college and university students

  • Testing centers and research facilities

  • Real Estate and Legal Work


Reader Services works well to:

  • Deliver text for people who are Blind or Low Vision and allow information to be absorbed aurally.

  • Provide access to a qualified Reader regardless of the user’s age, technical expertise, optical measurement, and other circumstances.

  • Make text more comfortable and practicable to read.

  • Create an opportunity for individuals to communicate with equal access to written documents and materials.


Here are a few examples where our Reader Services can be beneficial:

  • A person who is Blind and Low Vision and has difficulty reading a web page or print.

  • An individual diagnosed with dyslexia that impacts their ability to read.

  • A student with a disability that makes reading difficult.

  • A workplace that recognizes the importance and need of accommodating all employees for efficiency and progressive growth in their industry.

  • In a home setting or nursing facility where an individual is recovering from an eye injury or temporary condition such as a stroke or concussion.

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