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Clear, simple pricing with no hidden fees.

Clarity is our mission at Vital Signs, and that extends to our pricing.

Whether you need an interpreter or a transcriber, you’ll pay a flat rate for the initial minimum or scheduled time and in 15-minute increments thereafter.

Our in-person services have a three-hour minimum and a three-business-day cancellation policy.

Our remote services have a two-hour minimum and a two-business-day cancellation policy.

Please note that two interpreters or transcribers may often be required, especially for assignments that are highly technical in nature, content dense with multiple speakers, or are 90 minutes or more.

There are No hidden costs. No emergency rates or last-minute fees. No administrative or set-up charges. Clear, simple pricing for service that makes communication accessible.

We Are Here to Answer Your Questions!

Have questions or want guidance to determine the right mix of services to enable equal access communication?



At Vital Signs, we see every client as a partner. We collaborate with you to find the ideal service to facilitate communication and to further your goal of inclusivity and equal access.


Whether you’re seeking services for onsite or remote events, one-on-one meetings or large conferences, we have the right option for every situation, priced in a way that’s straightforward and easy to understand.


Ready to Work with Our Team?

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“I’m glad Vital Signs was able to send the interpreter on such short notice! Their staff really strives to meet their customers’ needs.”

~Betty H

“He was a very wonderful interpreter and I hope he will come here more often.”

~Vital Signs Customer

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“I was very pleased and impressed at the quality of the captioning. [Ann’s] skills as a CART reporter are excellent – and it is wonderful knowing that our employees who need to make use of captioning are recipients of such a high level of skill.”

~Vital Signs Customer

“You make all of this so
easy for me.”

~Vital Signs Customer


"Vital Signs LLC has ALWAYS provided reliable customer service and exceptional sign language interpreting and captioning services. Vital Signs, LLC has NEVER let me down when it comes to providing interpreting services.  Even when my requests have been last-minute or complex, they always find a way to make it work.  Their customer service is EXCEPTIONAL as they are reliable, prompt, thoughtful, and just the BEST.  I have worked with Vital Signs for over 10 years and they get better each year. "

~Pamela Smith Hall

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