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Make every word accessible.
Ready to create a more inclusive, collaborative environment?
What to expect with onsite ASL interpreting

Onsite American Sign Language (ASL) interpreting sends a strong signal of inclusivity to all present.

Interpreting is both physically and mentally demanding. As a result, two interpreters may often be required.


Onsite ASL interpreting provides:


  • An interpreter(s) at your location, or a designated location, in person.

  • An opportunity for all parties to be fully engaged throughout the interpreting process

  • An interpreter who will facilitate communication by signing everything they hear, and voicing everything signed by the Deaf or hard-of-hearing participants.

  • The expertise of the interpreter(s) is to provide guidance on how to best set up the location and how to communicate for the most inclusive experience.

When should I use onsite ASL interpreting?

Onsite ASL interpreting empowers your entire workforce, Deaf and hearing, to collaborate and communicate together effectively. Vital Signs ASL interpreting meets the ADA definition of “reasonable accommodation.”


Vital Signs’ certified and qualified onsite ASL interpreters are the right fit for:


  • Corporate meetings, training sessions and events

  • Hiring and onboarding

  • Medical appointments and hospitals

  • Educational settings

  • Social and cultural events

  • All private industries and government agencies


Our onsite ASL interpreters are experienced, reliable, dedicated, and responsive.
Plus, there's never a rush fee for last minute assignments!